Apotheke im Turm Pfarrkirchen

Competence, helpfulness, honesty – these are things that have no price tags but values. Good to know that you can expect not only the best medication for your health from us, but also an honest "no", if it is for your benefit.

For the really important things in life.

For the really important things in life

Since 1995, we have been supporting our customers in Pfarrkirchen with help and advice. From the beginning, service, consulting and innovation were the focus of our efforts. As a health center planned, you will find in our building complex now eight medical practices of various disciplines, as well as a medical supply store and other shops of daily needs. With the growing number of satisfied customers, the number of employees has steadily increased over the years to 27. Various qualifications such as certified diabetes and asthma counseling, aromatherapy, homeopathy, nutritional advice, compression products and much more. identify our team and give you the certainty in the future to be well advised with us.

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Stadt-Apotheke Pfarrkirchen, Pfarrkirchen


Stadtplatz 33
84347 Pfarrkirchen
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Tel.: 08561/14 20
Fax: 08561/91 02 08

Time Table:

From 2024-07-14, 08:00
to 2024-07-15, 08:00

Emergency services:

Medical on-call service (Tel. 116117)

You have health problems outside of the surgery’s opening hours, and for medical reasons the treatment cannot be postponed until the next (working) day? Then dial 116117, the nationwide telephone number for the medical oncall service of the Associations of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians. By using this cost-free number you will be connected directly with a coordination center, an emergency service practice or a doctor located close to you.

Please remember: For treatment within the medical on-call service you also need your insurance card.

Emergency rescue service (Tel. 112)

Emergency rescue service: if the symptoms are lifethreatening, for example loss of consciousness, acute bleeding, severe cardiac symptoms, severe disturbances of the respiratory system, complications in pregnancy or poisoning. The emergency rescue service operates around the clock for medical emergencies and reaches patients within minutes.